Posts from August 2010

Chonqing, China

I’ve recently noticed several reports of the growing urban sprawl known as Chonqing, one of China’s four municipalities. Although the area covers approximately 32,000 square miles (about the size of an average US state) it is still considered a single Chinese municipalty and is home to nearly 32 million people (about the population of the entire state of California). The Guardian reported on the region several years ago, and Wired Magazine recently posted a selection of images by Turkish photographer Ferit Kuyas of the so-called megalopolis.

The images here are the works of three photographers. Along with Kuyas are images from the notable London-based photographer Nadav Kander (who won a 2009 Prix Pictet for his photographs of China) and Beijing-based photographer Matthew Niederhauser.

Flickr *Cabaret Monday No. 3 – Matthias Werner

Faithful Flickr *Cabaret Submissions member matthiaswerner has been churning out some really great images lately. Werner’s subdued color palette and eye for compositions of stark contrast has been really hitting the spot. For this week’s *Cabaret Monday, we’re creating a dedicated matthiaswerner post. Beautiful work.

Mathew Scott

Good solid work from California-based photographer Mathew Scott. His images range from portraits to architecture to landscapes, always with a consistent presence of a sort of lonely, distanced Americana.