Chris Makos – Polaroids

Part of what makes Christopher Makos’s Polaroids so awesome is that, in addition to capturing an ephemeral nostalgic glow (I mean, isn’t that what Polaroids are all about?), the subjects themselves are those elusive legends of a bygone era. Makos has an archive of hundreds of Polaroids taking during the 70′s and 80′s, jet-setting between New York and Los Angeles, partying with fashion designers, celebrities and artists. He was actually taking the photos that most current polaroid photographers are trying to mimic. Basically, he’s like the king of the Polaroid.

Original SX-70 Polaroids by Chris Makos will be featured in the show Polaroids at the Christopher Henry Gallery in NYC from April 22-May 23, 2010. A new book of Polaroids, published my Photology with text by Calvin Klein, is available at the exhibition (a sneak peek PDF can be downloaded here).


Paris is only a 4-hour train ride away, but we don’t have time to visit as much as we’d like. This January weekend we took the little trip to meet up with friends from Los Angeles. On Sunday afternoon, all of Paris seemed to be outside walking in the park, strolling along the river, or sitting outside the quintessential cafe. It almost felt like spring. The photos were captured with our vintage Polaroid Land Camera 360.


This weekend we had rare moments of sun in Frankfurt, so we were inspired to capture a few shots on film. We took these images with our Polaroid Land Camera 360.

Road Trip

A couple images from our recent cross-country road trip taken with our Polaroid land Camera 360. There is something so iconic about wide open desert landscapes that perfectly complements the nostalgia of polaroid film.