Chonqing, China

I’ve recently noticed several reports of the growing urban sprawl known as Chonqing, one of China’s four municipalities. Although the area covers approximately 32,000 square miles (about the size of an average US state) it is still considered a single Chinese municipalty and is home to nearly 32 million people (about the population of the entire state of California). The Guardian reported on the region several years ago, and Wired Magazine recently posted a selection of images by Turkish photographer Ferit Kuyas of the so-called megalopolis.

The images here are the works of three photographers. Along with Kuyas are images from the notable London-based photographer Nadav Kander (who won a 2009 Prix Pictet for his photographs of China) and Beijing-based photographer Matthew Niederhauser.

New! *Cabaret Submissions via Flickr

Flickr *Cabaret Submissions poolWe’re starting a new project to find emerging photographers, so we’ve turned to the best online photo source, Flickr. We love all the creative work that flows through the site, but it’s become such a vast web of images that it can be difficult to unearth the best stuff. Also, we want people who are interested in our blog to have the means to connect to us. Therefore, we’ve introduced our own Flickr group, the *Cabaret Submissions pool. Every Monday, Benjamin and I will choose our favorite photos from the Flickr group and post the images on the blog in a feature called *Cabaret Monday. Anyone can submit photos to our group, so feel free to submit your own. We’ve already had some awesome contributions, but you still have a week to be considered for the very first *Cabaret Monday. We’re looking forward to all the great new images!

I Love Hotdogs

It’s safe to assume we’re fans of a blog with a vague, unrelated title. But once you progress past the header, the stream of beautiful images on the blog I Love Hotdogs, will mesmerize regardless. Shannon Maldonado is an artist living in New York; as an apparent side project, she’s taken to capturing stills (along with the occasional movie poster) from some of the most cinematically interesting films of decades past. There’s a tendency towards cult and camp, with a nice bit of juicy pulp thrown in the mix. The blog celebrates the time of Meg Ryan sans facial surgery and Richard Gere pre-”the actor from Pretty Woman.”  You’ll love the carefully cultivated mix of kitsch and culture. It’s almost better than adding to your Netflix queue.

Introducing the new *Its Not a Cabaret

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been working hard updating and revising our blog. We’re proud to unveil the new *It’s Not a Cabaret. With new content and a new format, we’re moving away from exclusively showing our own work to showcasing artists from across the photography spectrum. We will be focusing on both amateur and professional photographers as well as related information like gallery info and shows. We’re still the same fun loving photographers, we’ve just changed our look and structure. We are, however, closing the old RSS feed. For future reading, you can access the new updated content through this RSS link. Be sure to let us know what you think!