Cabaret Monday

Flickr *Cabaret Monday No. 3 – Matthias Werner

Faithful Flickr *Cabaret Submissions member matthiaswerner has been churning out some really great images lately. Werner’s subdued color palette and eye for compositions of stark contrast has been really hitting the spot. For this week’s *Cabaret Monday, we’re creating a dedicated matthiaswerner post. Beautiful work.

Flickr *Cabaret Monday No. 2

This week’s selection from our Flickr pool is a photo by Martina Giammaria. The picture  is part of her project My Private Party. If you like her work, you can follow Martina’s life through her personal photodiary.

Flickr *Cabaret Monday No. 1

In the first week, we already had over 100 images added the *Cabaret Submissions pool on Flickr. Featured today are images from garmonique, Minkel, tinytinybirds, sarahpalmer and Ibai Acevedo.We only chose our top five favorite photos, but there were tons of great images posted. Check out the Flickr page to see all of the entries, and submit your own images if you want to be featured next week.

New! *Cabaret Submissions via Flickr

Flickr *Cabaret Submissions poolWe’re starting a new project to find emerging photographers, so we’ve turned to the best online photo source, Flickr. We love all the creative work that flows through the site, but it’s become such a vast web of images that it can be difficult to unearth the best stuff. Also, we want people who are interested in our blog to have the means to connect to us. Therefore, we’ve introduced our own Flickr group, the *Cabaret Submissions pool. Every Monday, Benjamin and I will choose our favorite photos from the Flickr group and post the images on the blog in a feature called *Cabaret Monday. Anyone can submit photos to our group, so feel free to submit your own. We’ve already had some awesome contributions, but you still have a week to be considered for the very first *Cabaret Monday. We’re looking forward to all the great new images!